“Jen is one of the funniest comedians I've ever seen and her book is predictably hysterical. It's also moving, important and wonderful”

Sara Pascoe

I’m Jen Brister, stand-up comedian, middle-aged adolescent and, more recently, a mum. But not that mum – I’m the other one. Confused? Let’s back up a bit. Two years ago, my partner (a woman – we’re not solicitors) gave birth to twins. Yes. Yes. Already there’s a lot to take in here: gay mums, twins, solicitors… (I know! Believe me, I’m still reeling myself.)

Like every new parent, Jen has absolutely no clue what she’s doing. Add `gay’ and `non-biological’ to the mix and what do you get? Not a weird box of detergent, but a panicked beige lesbian desperately googling, `Will my babies love me?’ at 3 a.m. This is a book for any parent who feels they don’t fit the mould of a traditional 2.4 family.

Stand-up comedian Jen Brister takes a very funny, very honest look at life as a parent to her young twin boys: from IVF awfulness to crying over the pages of sleep training manuals. As `the other mother’ she has the perfect vantage point for us to laugh and cry alongside her.

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“Fresh, heartwarming and very, very wise. The funniest and most refreshingly honest account of being a parent that I've ever read”

Frankie Boyle

“Jen Brister is bloody funny both on stage and in this brilliant book”

Sarah Millican

“I love Jen Brister. She is a like mind and damned funny. You'll find the pages of this book brimming with rich and wonderful proof of all of this ... and more”

Hannah Gadsby

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