Festival season is upon us and I for one am delighted to say that I won’t be going to a single one. Firstly, I think I need to clarify what I mean by ‘festival.’ I’m not referring to an arts… Continue reading

Comedian? Don’t make me laugh…

I consider the profession of a comedian to be highly dysfunctional. Nothing about stand up comedy screams anything other than MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES! What kind of a job is making people laugh anyway? Ridiculous. Why would anyone want to stand… Continue reading

Food Glorious Food!

I do love breakfast. I say that as a person without a proper job, which means breakfast can be leisurely and indulgent. I don’t remember loving breakfast so much when it meant smashing a piece of toast into my face… Continue reading

A ‘Sense’ of Style

Apparently I’m taking part in a photo shoot for Stylist magazine. This isn’t me boasting, ok this is boasting but it’s also a factual fact. I’ve never been styled before and it’s raising all sorts of anxieties in my already… Continue reading

Attention Please!

Hello…? Not sure if there’s anyone out there or not. It’s hard to know if anyone is going to read my ramblings. I mean why would you? And even if you do, how will I know? This is the thing… Continue reading

Surviving the Fringe (part 1)

It’s a week before the Edinburgh Festival and the excitement is tangible and by excitement I do mean nausea and by nausea I do mean hysteria and by hysteria I do mean I’M FREAKING OUT! Still us creative types are… Continue reading

Anger Management (Part 1)

I had a conversation with someone recently who stated flatly, “I don’t do anger.” I can’t remember my exact response but I seem to remember it was an angry one. What does that even mean? How can you not get… Continue reading

Happy Camper

I hate camping. There, I’ve said it. I seek no enjoyment from sleeping in a restrictive worm like bag on a yoga mat sheltered only by a thin piece of canvas that guarantees I will either be boiling hot or… Continue reading


I have to confess to an obsession of mine. It’s all consuming and it takes up a large part of my day, every day. I imagine a lot of you have guessed what it is already and you’d be right.… Continue reading