More dates coming soon…
23rd September / Glasgow
Sunday 7:00pm
24th September / Newcastle upon Tyne
Monday 7:30pm
5th October / London
Friday 9:30pm
6th October / London
Saturday 9:30pm
7th October / Aberystwyth
Sunday 7:30pm
10th October / Cardiff
Wednesday 7:30pm
11th October / Swansea
Thursday 7:30pm
12th October / Bristol
Friday 9:45pm
14th October / Cambridge
Sunday 8:00pm
2nd November / Stafford
Friday 8:00pm
4th November / Coventry
Sunday 7:30pm
11th November / Salford
Sunday 8:00pm
13th November / Aberdeen
Tuesday 7:30pm
14th November / Edinburgh
Wednesday 7:30pm
15th November / York
Thursday 7:30pm
18th November / Leicester
Sunday 8:00pm
19th November / Nottingham
Monday 8:00pm
20th November / Birmingham
Tuesday 7:30pm
25th November / Brighton, East Sussex
Sunday 7:30pm
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