We’re all going on a Summer holiday…

I’ve just come back from a lovely weekend away in Cornwall. “Have you been? You really must go…” Yes, I actually have been saying that to people. There’s something about holidaying in England that is quintessentially unique. On no other… Continue reading

Shop Till You Drop

I have recently purchased a pair of green Nike high top trainers, the kind a teenage boy would have worn back in 1986, or currently an under weight bloke sporting a pencil moustache in skinny jeans and a pork pie… Continue reading


As a typical British person I find meeting someone for the first time can be a bit of a social nightmare. I remember back in the day when shaking someone’s hand was greeting enough, then somewhere in the nineties someone… Continue reading

I’m not being funny but…

It has been drawn to my attention that on occasion, Ok on more than one occasion, Ok several occasions, that I’m actually quite annoying. As if! Do I look annoying..I mean….what the…? Alright maybe I am a bit. Apparently I… Continue reading

The Theatre Daaaaarling!

I saw a play last night and I have to reluctantly admit that I enjoyed it. In fact I think I may have had a good time…who knew? I’m going to sound like a philistine, but generally I find the… Continue reading

Drink anyone…?

I seem to spend most of my life either bored or excruciatingly embarrassed. My embarrassment is nearly always associated with alcohol. I go out, I get drunk and then I wake up with this feeling of dread. I always wake… Continue reading


I have just got back from a snowboarding holiday. I say holiday beacuse I wasn’t working. I suspect that most people wouldn’t consider continually falling on their backside and face with a board attached to both feet as fun. They’d… Continue reading

The Edinburgh Aftermath

I think the Edinburgh Festival is like child birth and here’s why… There is always an element of excitement and anticipation before arriving, possibly an air of optimism.  (ha ha optimism…ha ha…oh dear)  For the first few days the sun… Continue reading